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Maureen Bonatch

Author & Ghost/Freelance writer.

Freelance & Ghost Writer for Mental Health & Senior Health and Wellness. Background in healthcare, human resources, humor & psychology. Author of humorous Paranormal Romance & Fantasy.

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Dusk 1004436 1280 article

Two of These Rides Have the Halloween Vibe

It may be Monday, but many might already be thinking about the weekend and getting out on the bike.

Since we’re moving into the middle of October, many of us have Halloween on the mind.

Popcorn image article

Have You Seen These 5 Awesome Motorcycle Movies

Perhaps the weather isn’t cooperating to get out on a ride. Maybe your bike is in the shop and you’re longing to escape—even if it’s only in your mind. Since any reason is a good enough one to relax and watch a movie, we’re going to share a few.

Mountain road 1556177 1280 article

When You Ride a Motorcycle, You're Never Alone

When you’re driving in your car you’re boxed in your own little world by yourself, or with your family. But when you’re on your motorcycle, you might be the only one on your seat, but you’re never alone.

Hands 926234 1920 article

When You Want a Tattoo Re-Do

Let’s face it, not all tattoos are created equal. You know we love them here at Gothrider. But perhaps what you thought was a great idea for a tattoo fifteen years ago, isn’t exactly your cup of tea anymore.

Motorcycle 713155 1280 article

Is The Headless Horseman Scarier on a Motorcycle? - GothRider Magazine

The Headless Horseman. Most people who are familiar with American folklore will recognize the name of the terrifying fictional character from the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Cocktail 594173 1920 article

Even Badass Bikers Will Love These 5 Cocktails

So you took the plunge and followed some of our bar basics guidance and set up your own home bar! Or maybe you’ve always had a bar but are preparing to do some entertaining and you want to offer more than just beer.

Motorcycling 368539 1920 article

A Few Reasons Biker Boyfriends are Awesome

When you tell someone your boyfriend is a biker a certain image may enter their mind. Maybe they’re envisioning a leather-clad, tattooed tough guy and they might be partially right. We know there’s a lot more once you look a little closer, and for the most part—they’re awesome.

Ba v%c3%ac national park  foggy road article

Five Haunting Places That Will Make You Extend Your Ride - GothRider Magazine

Do you dare ride through any of these haunting places, or are you brave enough to stay the night?

Skeletons 1617539 1920 article

5 Frighteningly Easy Costumes from 1 Cool Item - GothRider Magazine

5 Frighteningly Easy Costumes from 1 Cool Item in your closet.

Hair unsplash https  stuchy article

How to Tame Your Tresses While Biking - GothRider Magazine

Calling all lady riders who want to look good on and off the bike. Here are a few more tips on taming your tresses.

Sea of bikes rally  article

Rally for a Cause at This Week's Attractions We are highlighting rallies this week which all have one other thing in common; they all support a cause, or a local charity, with at least a portion of their proceeds.

Happy days motorcycle richie fonzie 1977 article

Fonzie made Motorcycles Cool - GothRider Magazine

We all love the leather wearing, motorcycle riding cool dude- 'The Fonz'. But did you know these cool facts about the character and the show?

Bar photo  steve allison via unsplash article

Consider Your Home Biker Bar Basics

Ready to plan your home biker bar? Here are the decisions you need to make to begin.

Harley davidson 2 article

Harley & The Davidsons Documentary

The new documentary, Harley & The Davidsons provides the chance to learn about the roots of this amazing company.

Fall ride photo 1420641606245 05c059de479a article

Plan a Gorgeous Fall Ride - GothRider Magazine

Here are a few places boasting gorgeous views of this change in season. Also, we’ve noted the best time during the season to go.